About us

SMARTzilla specializes in mobile solutions. Our team is made up of broad base of experienced professionals. These are primarily fans of the latest technologies and habitual smartphone users.

We offer a full range of mobile services, among which one can distinguish the production, strategy, advertising, and widely understood UX (user experience).

In the production scope, we specialize in developing applications, games and mobile web sites. We focus on three major platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We develop applications based on the native and intermediate solutions, such as Adobe AIR or Unity.

Another field of our business is consulting. We prepare strategies for entering the mobile market, we suggest business models as well as platforms on which to exist, and we carry out advertising campaigns and promotions.

In our work we emphasize user-oriented design. Our approach includes construction of prototype applications and web sites as well as creating graphic designs. At each stage of the project usability tests are executed.