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    Audi A3 contest

    Application developed for the competition organized by Audi in connection with the promotion of the new Audi A3. The main tool of application was Audi MMI interface, which allows the driver to write text using a special panel that recognizes …

  • gliwice

    Gliwice city guide

    Gliwice official mobile guide. Events, attractions, restaurants, hotels, weather forecast and all information you need – stored in the app. It also allowes you to comunicate with office! Gliwice  is a city in Upper Silesia, southern Poland, near Katowice.  Gliwice is one of the cities of …

  • jaworzno

    Jaworzno city guide

    The Jaworzno official city guide. Now you can get informations about  the city, best events and places to visit. Find out what’s near you,  check the weather forecast and contact with office. Jaworzno  is a city in southern Poland, near Katowice. It lies in the Silesian Highlands, on …

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    Rajcza official guide

    With the official mobile guide of Rajcza you will find all the information you need to know. Apart from tourist and cultural attractions, you can find the latest news, events, map and galleries.  The app also allows you to contact with …

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    AMS dla miast – Smart City

    Smart City is a conference, where we will find out why the city can (thanks to technology) should (due to demographic changes) and must (due to the current challenges and expectations of the population) to become intelligent.